Åh, fremtiden

1. May, 2013

Vad döljer du for mig?
I dina mörka ögon…

«This conseptual futuristic piece of film has trapped the norwegian band Philco Fiction inside a radio, representing the sister-family-constellation. Maybe the high heels will save them?» – Yenni Lee

Vi har tatt en titt bak de mørke øynene til Yenni og sett hva hun har fått til i sitt nyeste videoarbeid, er jo første mai assa. Hva er neste etter Sandra Kolstad typ. Jo, Philco.

Yen tegner og forteller:

– This was a very funky and unique song to work with. Luckily Turid Alida Solberg (the vocalist) also likes science-fiction, so that made it easier for me to come out of the closet as a sci-fi geek, and just fire away with a visually high tech universe.
I am so enraptured by Turid Alida’s distinctive voice. Every time she opens her mouth, is like falling in love over and over again. That, and with her charming and mysterious aura, and ensemble of body moves, completes this film wholeheartedly.