Blank on Blank

14. Jun, 2014

Blank on Blank – Famous names, Lost interviews. – er et digitalstudio fra Brooklyn som har dette som oppdrag: «preserve and re-imagine the American interview».
Dette har, sammen med treffende animasjon, gitt noen fascinerende samtaler med substans, ærlighet og dybde.

Som de forklarer selv:
«We help journalists and institutions dust off their prized tapes, minidiscs, and digital recordings. Those saved interviews with iconic figures gathered to write articles, books, to make radio, that few people ever got to hear. Until now.»

«Learning how to die is therefore learning how to live.» – Philip Seymour Hoffman

«I never really felt like a rock singer or a rock star. I always felt a little bit out of my element.» – David Bowie

«When a man is making love, the last thing he thinks about is war.» – Barry White