INCIPIT FASHION Exhibition – Oslo

20. Jun, 2012

«Fashion as a visual pleasure, as art, as literature, as music,  sharing a personally emotional destructive process.»

There is no art in fashion as there is no fashion in art, but there is visual pleasure in both of them.
Through dreaming and thinking we create our own worlds, based on reality ,we change it, romanticize it and give it a new shape. The simililarity do not lie in the result but in the process behind it and the artistic approach on it.

«…he mentioned garment, compared to what he saw and there you have the difference.»

We hurt ourself, hiding but somehow proud, we show it, in a corner waiting for Cesar’s thumb. Being conscious of our different cultural backgrounds and their importance in our work is core of the exhibition. With our head down but cheeks high, we present you our Incipt.

«As we start, incipit is a base of what we are about to show.»

Incipit means our starting point. Remember Incipit, this is the first step we want to share, not away from our student stamp, but a step parallel to it. What we are about to head into is what we decided to dedicate life to. As the word say, this will give you a foreword of what is to become our book togheter.”

You will partecipate to a travelling exhibition that allow us to learn about our nearest livings, their cultural reference to their backgrounds and the importance of it,  why we have to dream, the stories, and the existence in fashion we have today.




TM51 adresse : Thorvald Meyers gate 51 grünerløkka!!

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Peter schamaun: «ni vivement»
Edoardo Rossi:  «I Ganzi»
Alexis Gautier: «Mythology of the walk»

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