Indonesia Travel Report ǀ Graffiti Artist Bond

14. Dec, 2011

A village, of any kind, has no identity without graffiti. Kuta Lombok is the beachside home of the original Sassak people as well as to the eager travellers and surfers who find their ways around the many islands of Indonesia. Here there are monkeys and lizards, “THX” paradise surroundings and super friendly locals wherever you go.
In the past week, several rusty buildings along the beaches of Kuta has seen a fresh breath of colours, as the infamous artist Bond recently shared some of his work on selected walls around this coconut-tree canvas. As there is few or basicly no local ink-partner on theese islands, plus no good/ “bagus” ways of shipping, he uses different techniques for adding colours, such as adapters for diverse caps when the local hardware dealers “only” supply with Pilox (300 ml, decent cover) and other locally brewed paint. I figured it`s just the way they do it around here. Bond is an active graffiti artist with origins in Germany, to be described as a landscape painter due to his passion for a strong contrast or “shaping into” with the given surface he is decorating. In this way, Bond may choose a certain wall, as well as some of the spots chooses him. I followed his work on this new Lombok tour, all locations more or less kosher, please check out more of Bond`s creative universe HERE.